• Thumb Sucking, Pacifiers, and Your Baby's Teeth
    Sucking is a common instinct for babies and the use of a pacifier or their thumb offers a sense of safety and security, as well a way to relax. According to Read more
  • Broken Tooth: Is It an emergency or not?
    Have you ever had that sinking feeling after biting into something soft and chewy and feeling something hard and crunchy instead? You’ve chipped or broken a tooth, but what should Read more
  • Hot Day? Three Drinks to Leave Home When You’re Packing the Cooler
    Whew! It’s a hot one! And whenever the temperature soars, you need to stay hydrated, especially when you’re outside or exercising. But all cold drinks aren’t equal when it comes Read more
  • How a High-Tech Office Helps Your Dental Treatment
    A dental office on the cutting edge of technology offers numerous benefits to its patients. Whether you are in need of a simple cleaning or extensive restorative work, these technologies Read more
  • Dental-Healthy Snacks for Your School-Aged Child
    Kids are constantly active and constantly growing. No wonder they’re constantly hungry! When it’s time for a snack, here are some tips to make between meal treats timely, tasty, and Read more
  • Help! My gums hurt when I floss!
    By no stretch is it rare for your gums to hurt during and after flossing. Even some bleeding is to be expected. This is especially true if you have not Read more
  • Teeth Whitening For a Bright Summer
    Summer brings sunshine and warm weather, and many of our patients begin thinking about brightening their smiles this time of year. A whiter smile is one just one visit away Read more
  • Happy Fourth of July!
    Happy Independence Day from the doctor and team! The Fourth of July celebrations in America may have changed a lot over the years, but there is no doubt that we Read more
  • Oral Cancer Facts and Figures
    Oral cancer is largely viewed as a disease that affects those over the age of 40, but it can affect all ages, even non-tobacco and alcohol users. Oral cancer can Read more
  • Oral Health Concerns Specific to Pregnant Women
    A lot of changes occur in a woman's body during pregnancy. Hormone fluctuations are responsible for many of those changes, including the need for additional attention to the teeth and Read more
  • Why You Should Consider Dental Implants
    Losing a tooth can severely affect your confidence and make it uncomfortable for you to show off your smile in public. The good news is that there is a solid Read more
  • How Dental Crowns Can Help Your Smile
    Do you have a problem with the appearance or function of a tooth? A dental crown is a versatile restoration offered by your Franklin, IN, dentist, Dr. Joshua Stevens of Read more
  • What To Do When You Have a Cavity
    How your dentist in Franklin, IN can help protect your smile from tooth decay. You can do a lot to prevent cavities, and great oral hygiene is an important part. When Read more
  • How Sedation Dentistry Can Help Your Anxiety
    Dental anxiety is a spectrum. Some people feel mild concern about the prospect of going to the dentist, while others break out in a cold sweat and refuse to walk Read more
  • What Can Veneers Fix?
    If you have always had an issue with your smile, veneers could be an ideal option for you. Essentially, veneers are super-thin shells that go over your existing teeth’s front Read more
  • Developing A Good Oral Care Routine
    A healthy smile depends on good oral hygiene routine and regular dental care. In between visits to Dr. Joshua Stevens, your dentist at Franklin Dental in Franklin IN, you can Read more

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