Why Might You Need an Extraction
By Franklin Dental
April 23, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Extraction  

Tooth extractions may be needed to enhance your oral health, end pain or even improve the effectiveness of orthodontic treatment. Your extracted toothFranklin, IN, dentist, Dr. Joshua Stevens, performs extractions and other dental services at Franklin Dental.

Wisdom tooth pain

Your Franklin dentist may recommend tooth extraction if you have partially or fully impacted wisdom teeth. The teeth can't erupt naturally because they're blocked by tissue and bone. Fortunately, removing wisdom teeth won't affect your ability to bite and chew.

Impacted teeth can be painful and may damage facial nerves, cause infections or cysts, or affect the alignment of other teeth if they're not removed. Extraction may also be necessary if your wisdom teeth erupt normally but are diseased.

Orthodontic treatment

Tooth extraction may be needed before you begin orthodontic treatment. Extraction is performed if you have a crowding issue due to a small mouth. Your dentist will remove the teeth a few weeks before you begin your treatment. Extracting the teeth ensures that there is enough room in your mouth to straighten your teeth.


Falls, auto accidents or blows to the face can loosen or break teeth. Although root canal treatment, splints or crowns can be helpful, it's not always possible to save teeth injured in a fall or other accident. For example, extraction may be necessary if a crack in a tooth extends into the root.

Retained primary tooth

Primary teeth don't always fall out when expected. If a tooth shows no signs of falling out on its own, your dentist may recommend extraction. After the tooth has been removed, the permanent tooth will erupt.

Could your smile benefit from a tooth extraction? Call your Franklin, IN, dentist, Dr. Joshua Stevens of Franklin Dental, at (317) 868-2672 to schedule an appointment.